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It’s not often you stroll in off the street and get lucky on a car repair place. But that’s exactly what happened yesterday at Saab & Raffie, my new favorite car repair shop in Hollywood.

A friend of mine, who owns a 1983 mercedes (yes bio-diesel!) had to make the arduous drive to San Francisco. Her air conditioner suddenly died and being low on funds she was gonna drive the 5 without fixing it. Not a good plan.

We stopped in at a car repair place on Santa Monica, they wanted $350 and two days to fix it. Not gonna happen. Then on a whim, we decided to get a second opinion as we were driving by the car repair place, “Saab & Raffi” in Hollywood. We walked into a super clean, highly organized, packed to the gills with foreign cars of every year place and ran into Armand, one of two owners. (Raffi is the other owner). I stresssed to Armand we just wanted an estimate, as my friend was pretty short on cash. Armand waved me aside, pulled up the hood and said, “let’s check the cheapest thing first”.
He tested the fuses one by one, found a dead one, replaced it and voila! the A/C roared to life, throwing out chilled goodness.
He refused her money and sent us on our way. How wild is that?

The place specializes in foreign cars, specifically Saab’s, BMW’s, Mercedes and Volvo’s. They do both engine and body work and lots of restoration jobs. They are super reasonable….can’t beat free in our case! Both Armand and Raffi are sweet and honest guys. They stopped what they were doing and fixed two damsels in distress in moments. In Hollywood at 5770 Hollywood Blvd, 323-466-1688.

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