Mr. Moviefone, look out!

arclight.jpgIf I were gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that), I think I’d want to sleep with Mr. Moviefone. Not because of his sexy voice that confidently gives out instructions, or because he’s a gazillionaire, but because I know he’s touched more lives in the last fifteen years than Anthony Robbins and Oprah Winfrey combined.

Unfortunately, some new movie helpers have arrived in town that might make me reconsider the place Mr. Moviefone resides in my alternate reality man loving heart…

ShowTimeMaps allows you to see whats playing in your neighborhood via Google Maps. Type in your zip code, then mouse over any of marked theatre locations to see whats playing and when.

If you like to pay for one movie then hop from screen to screen throughout the day, then Double Feature Finder is your new best friend. It isn’t pretty, but after choosing a movie theatre, “DFF” presents you with a grid of all the movies playing there throughout the day in a visual layout that lets you easily see what film will be starting after the other. This scoundrel of a site sums up their style this way: “Find local showtimes scheduled back-to-back and spend the entire day at the movies!” but offers a disclaimer with a wink: “Never sneak into movies!” (h/t Lifehacker)

For a one stop shop to find “revival, repertory, and special film events” and screenings that don’t usually make it to Moviefone, try Film Radar. To paraphrase Napoleon Dynamite, I pretty much feel like an idiot that I hadn’t heard of Film Radar sooner.

Of course, none of these new utilities have personified themselves with the title of “Mr.” or “Mrs.”, so my deep golden throated hypothetical homo love affair with Mr. Moviefone can still live on.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Moviefone, look out!”

  1. Hey, David, you don’t need to wait on Mr. Moviefone for a date with a guy. You can easily set up your first queer date with other interesting men by visiting or a number of other all-male chatrooms. Some of ’em might even be willing to go to the moview with you. Why, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts enuff that I’d even be willing to meet you for coffee or a drink sometime.

  2. That’s very flattering Andy.
    And what better reason to attend Friday’s reader/writer meetup at the Farmers Market? I’ll be there…
    but be forewarned, in spite of what I said in the post I think I may save my backside virginity for Mr. M.

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