New Murs video “L.A.” and free show


Murs is better than your favorite rapper. That’s what the bumper sticker on my coworker’s car says and it’s not too far from the truth. His latest single “L.A.” from the album “Murray’s Revenge,” features what else but. . .LA! The perfect song/video to drop right here for all y’all.

If you want to get more familiar with Murs, or maybe he’s already your favorite rapper, read on! There’s a free show this Sunday at the El Rey to say thanks to LA for being so supportive of Murs over the years. I’ve met the man multiple times and not only is he a genuinely great guy but. . .did I mention he’s a helluva rapper? Oh wait, there’s more though! The free show also features Cut Chemist and Supreeme! Holy crap! (EDIT: It seems that Cut Chemist isn’t on the bill any longer and it’ll be Bleu Collar playing instead.)

I copied this from a Myspace post a few days ago:

when: July 2nd 2006 EARLY SHOW!!! 4pm-8pm
where : El Rey Theatre
5515 Wilshire Blvd. L.A. CA 90036
who: Murs, Cut Chemist, and the almighty Supreeme
price: FREE!!!!!

why: Because I really do love you guys and I didn’t get to do an L.A.
show on this last tour. Because I owe it to you guys for the years of
support. And hiphop has become soooo much about the money I thought it
would be nice to do something for free. It will be a full perfomance
from every group on the bill. And all my merch will be 50% off(maybe
even the Murs is my best friend cd). So come and enjoy. I made it
early in the day, so if you have work or school the next day you
wouldn’t miss out. Or if you’re too young to be out that late you too
will be straight. sorry, didn’t mean to flow on you. But f’real tell
everyone you know murs fans, non murs fans, your mom(mines will be
there), your cat, dog, your babysitter. FORWARD THIS TO EVERYONE YOU
KNOW!!!! people who never heard of me whatever. IT’S FREE!!!! They
have nothing to lose. I paid my money to rent out the El Rey for day
to say thank you for all your years of support in no way does this
make us even. But, it’s a start. So write it down, take a picture,
mark your calendar, set your alarm clock whatever it takes please just
don’t miss my/our first ever FAN APPRECIATION DAY!!!!
I would LOVE to see you ALL there

4 thoughts on “New Murs video “L.A.” and free show”

  1. Frankly I’m waaaaay outta Mur’s demographic so whatever. But do tell more about that awesome lead photo with the dude in front of the Waverly overpass above Hyperion! That’s sa-weet!

  2. That’s the cover of the album before last “Murs 3:16 the 9th Edition” available on Definitive Jux Records.

    Like the newest album “Murray’s Revenge” it was produced by hip hop wonder-producer 9th Wonder.

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