Will Campbell is all kinds of official now with his Bike Battalion Badge that he was showing off as the IAAL‚Ä¢MAF took the LA river by force last night. Rival bike gangs fled on site of this bad boy, although it’s entirely possible that could just have been because the relection from the sunset on it was eye piercing.

(Did you like how I made it through this entire post without any references to not needing stinking badges?)

5 thoughts on “IAAL‚Ä¢MAF PWNS LA RVR”

  1. the police were cleaning up your mess once it got dark, they were all up on the river around 10 at the crossing over Los Feliz Blvd.

    my neighborhood feels so much safer now.

  2. Is Will’s bike kinda…orange-y? And was he wearing a Camelbak-style backpack? I think I passed him near the 2 freeway offramp.

    Or it sure did look like him.

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