Dreams Come True in Hollywood


While I have zero interest in turing Metblogs into one of the those kind of blogs (you know, gossip site) because fellas like Defamer and Perez Hilton do is so fabulously anyway, this news is too fantastic not to spread. Hollywood has finally come to its senses and is giving our generation the come-back of a lifetime. E! says:

Corey Feldman and Corey Haim, who in their prime Tiger Beat years costarred in three movies together, are being reunited for a proposed comedy series, Daily Variety reported Wednesday….The Coreys would find the Coreys playing fictionalized versions of themselves, presumably because it would be funnier and less sad that way. Feldman would play Corey Feldman, married father of one son; Haim would play Corey Haim, single man. While both play those roles in real life, too, the TV show would ratchet up the comedy in the situation by having Haim, as Variety put it, “[shake] life up for the Feldmans.”

Smells a little bit like NoTORIous but I’ll take it. The show doesn’t yet have a network home…should we start an online petition?

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  1. oh c’mon! that worked great for “that’s my bush!” that show was hilarious!

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