LA Film Festival 2006


I love my movies and so does the rest of Los Angeles! The LA Film Festival begins in just two days – opening June 22 and running through July 2. The best part about the festival is the “Dark Wave” horror movie series. I want to check out The Descent…eeeps…

The Descent
Director Neil Marshall

Things go from bad to worse to terrifying for six women spelunkers trapped deep in a cave in the Appalachian Mountains. First they get trapped by a cave-in, then they get lost, and then they realize the worst part . . . they’re not the only ones down there. An intense, claustrophobic film that packs a visceral punch, The Descent has been hailed as one of the best horror films of the past ten years. If you’re not scared of the dark yet, you will be.

Fri. June 23, 8:30pm, Ford Amphitheatre

The LA Film Festival has the LAT involved (blogs, trailers, etc.) as well as the Hammer Museum who is hos to the “Porch Parties” where passholders, filmmakers, and VIPs “enjoy free cocktails and hors d’oeuvres and catch up with filmmakers and other Festival guests.”

3 thoughts on “LA Film Festival 2006”

  1. I saw a preview for this film attached to the X-Men sequel. Yikes, just the scenes of them crawling through narrow tunnels were too much for me to watch. I’ve seen a lot of horror, and nothing scared me as much as that brief bit in the previews. I don’t think I can watch this one. Too close to my bigest phobia.

  2. I know, that picture I posted makes my skin crawl. I imagine she’s almost out but the scary man-eating monsters are pulling her back in. Awesome!!!

  3. I watched The Descent while in Scotland last summer. It’s the single scariest movie I’ve ever seen. It’s thought-provoking, frightening, and really well-made.

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