Shiver Me Timbers, the New Pirate Ride’s a Week Away


We pillage, we plunder, we riffle, we loot – drink up we’ve changed the ride! has discussed the re-vamping of our generation’s favorite Disneyland ride Pirates of the Caribbean in order to update it to be more in sync with the movie. Sean and I visited Disney at the end of February to ride it one (ok three) last time(s) before it closed for a four month rennovation. Well, we don’t have to wait much longer to see what’s “improved” as the ride re-opens a week from tomorrow, Monday June 26, and according to Sunday’s LAT article, not even employees are getting a sneak preview until the big movie shin-dig premiere this Saturday! Disney has apparently added more gold and have even hinted at putting back some of the naughty behavior they took out in 1997 in order to be more p.c. As Caption Jack Sparrow said in the film when confronted about not playing fair, “Hello, Pirate!”

A visit to the Disneyland site pointed me to an entire section devoted to the new Pirates including videos, concept sketches (see screen still above), and clues to finding out what’s new! There’s also a history of the ride too which is one of my favorite added features to the film’s DVD.

So, are any of you readers planning on testing out the new ride soon? Any predictions on how awesome or dreadful it might be? My vote is that it’s going to be effing rad – and I don’t like change very much. More booty for all!

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  1. Dammit!

    Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!

    We’re going tomorrow–a long-promised trip for the BF’s kids, so no rescheduling. Argh! And har!

    And DAMMIT!!!

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