Peggy Archer: Cable Monkey/Couch Potato

Chick gaffer Peggy Archer is giving the unemployment office a hard time about asking her for a resume.

Really now – what sort of resume am I going to have? “Work History: Cable monkey, occasional craft service pirate”. I’m not even sure I had a resume back when they were still relevant. Nowadays if a producer wants to verify your work history, they look at your IMDB listing.

But what really caught my eye on Peggy’s site is that she’s been featuring photos of couches from around LA on every post for the past few days. Too bad Los Angeles doesn’t have Garbage Scout yet. Alas, if anything catches your eye drop a note in her comments and I’m sure she’ll share the address with you.

One thought on “Peggy Archer: Cable Monkey/Couch Potato”

  1. I think you were the one who originally directed me to her site. I’ve been following her ever since. Great blog!

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