No, Really. You CANNOT Stop That Wacky Signal


I am a late convert to the Joss side of the Force – I started with Firefly, worked back through seven seasons of Buffy, and recently caught season 5 of Angel (i.e. “the good season”).

(aside – for comedic luchador action, The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco could demolish Nacho Libre any day o’ the week.)

Anyhoo, for the Whedonator’s birthday next week, those misfits of science known as the Browncoats are helping to stage charity screenings of Serenity – also known as the Firefly movie – also known as the scifi movie that all your geek friends were spasming about for months even though you’d never heard of it.

The LA screening was sold out, but due to overwhelming demand, they’ve moved it to a bigger theater. All proceeds for the screening go to Whedon’s favorite charity , Equality Now.

Date: June 23rd
Time: 10pm
Where: Laemlle Theatre in Pasadena

More info at SoCalBrowncoats