Logical Progression of Things


After getting back on my bike, finding a good shop to fix it up, and finding folks to ride with, the next logical step was to form a bike gang. Tonight the streets of downtown LA were filled with the terror that was wrought by the first meeting of the IAAL/MAF. If not the streets, at least one Metro truck that honked at us and suffered taunting at the hands of Will Campbell. Founding member Michael Baffico and Johnny-Come-Lately Eric Richardson rounded out the mobile assault force. Ever the documentarian, Will took lots of photos to proove it actually happened. Viva la revolution!

4 thoughts on “Logical Progression of Things”

  1. Please tell me it’s the fisheye lens that makes my ass look that FAT.

    (lying is ok)

  2. Actually, it’s not so much your ass, as kind of your midsection. But that’s a sure sign it’s the fisheye.

    I’d love to join but as I told Will, I was attacked by a vicious bike as a child, kicked in the head by a pedal, thoroughly trampled, and was never quite right afterwards.

    I have a buddy in Black Label–he’s been looking for a few good men (or women) to start an LA chapter. Shall I refer him to you? ;)

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