Gelsons is a Seinfeld episode

Check it out – remember the Seinfeld episode where Elaine will only eat the
muffin tops, and eventually Kramer decides to open a shop that only serves
the tops?


I’d say somebody at the Silver Lake Gelson’s is still a fan….

7 thoughts on “Gelsons is a Seinfeld episode”

  1. it was elaine’s old boss mr lippman who opens the store.

    the saint louis bread co used to sell muffin tops.. i don’t recall if they were officially called “muffies”, but that’s what we called them.

  2. Even though I can’t eat any of it, Gelsen’s bakery section is my obsession. Those awesome cookies are the coolest things ever – the monkey always slays me. Muffin tops seem right on target.

  3. See, the thing is though, as the show points out, you can’t just make the tops (which Gelson’s and St. Louis Bread do). You’re supposed to make the whole muffin, pop the top, and get rid of the stump.

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