Gnarls Barkley…

The last time Gnarls Barkley (MySpace) performed out here (not including their appearance on last week’s MTV Movie Awards which was filmed in Culver City) was their MySpace Secret Show at The Roxy in West Hollywood.

But they are performing for two consecutive nights in Hollywood on Sunday, July 23rd and Monday, July 24th at the Avalon in Hollywood. (They’ll also be backed by the L.A.-based Sonus Quartet on strings for the West Coast part of their tour.) Tickets went onsale this past Saturday and while the Sunday show is already sold out, tickets for the Monday show are still available as of this writing.

And if you can’t make it to those shows, they’re also doing The Tonight Show With Jay Leno tomorrow night.

The big mystery, is of course, what costume theme they’ll be doing, but it’ll be difficult to top that MTV Movie Awards appearance (Star Wars, complete with Chewbacca on drums, not unlike Animal from The Muppet Show).

UPDATE: Tickets for Monday’s show are now sold out. And the theme of last night’s show was graduation day, complete with caps and gowns.

4 thoughts on “Gnarls Barkley…”

  1. I like that GB album a lot, but they’re totally overrated. It’s a good album, even a very good album, but everybody talks about them like they’re the second coming of Christ or something. Can someone explain what I’m missing?

  2. It’s because “eveything old is new again”. The kids have yet to discover ’70’s style soul. So it takes this repacked version in order to turn the kids on.

  3. does anyone know how i could get tickets for the tonight show? i know they had a booth at melrose and gardner for many years but i think that’s gone now.

  4. From NBC: “Tickets for a specific show are available the day of the show only at the NBC Ticket Box, located at NBC in Burbank, CA. The NBC Ticket Box opens at 8:00 a.m. All available tickets are distributed to the public on a first come, first-served two (2) tickets per person basis.”

    From AOL Citywalk: “The only way to get tickets on the day of a taping is to show up at the NBC Box Office (818-840-3537). Any available tickets are are handed out at 8AM (limit two per person), with crowds forming as early as 6AM.”

    From the Improv Message Board (dated April 2004 though): “I don’t have any hook ups, but I can tell you that the people who wait in line for hours and hours get the better seats than those who have hook ups.” and “The time I went I got tickets the day of at Universal City Walk. They have stands there to hand out tickets to various things. I think they reserve some for there…might be available later in the day.”

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