The Hassle Project

Blue gravel factor for Scott Brown

I am intrigued by the notion that certain things in our supposedly free society can not be photographed, at least from the point of view of the lowly security guard. In the last few weeks I have been hassled twice by various forms of security patrol, both employees of the Securitas company. The first time it was at the end of my shoot so I didn’t really care too much, but the most recent time it was before I even finished setting up my camera. To be fair, the second time I suppose I was on private property, which wasn’t clearly market, but nonetheless still private property. I am going to continue my quest for great photos that include hassles, and once I have a dozen or so good works I am going to shop around a showing, which I will call “The Hassle Project”. I know that some of the other local photogs (hex) have been experiencing their own versions of the Hassle Project, so if any of you maligned photographers out there want to collaborate on this project let me know.

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

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  1. No photoshop, I used Photomatix to combine 3 images in the top photo and 6 images in the bottom photo togther. It is a technique called HDR.

  2. HDR? *googles it* Awesome! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken the exact same shot a billion times at different settings and then just chose one… Now I know I can combine them! eecue! Thanks to you sir!

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