Spank Rock on Sunday! “Extend the Devil Horns to Engage!”

I’m a little bored with all the lame-O indie rock kids in LA and their refusal to shake it now and again. This Sunday, they’ve got a chance to redeem themselves though, as one of the shows I’ve been most anticipating brings the party to Spaceland. Ladies and gentlemen are you ready for Spank Rock? If not, it could break your face off, but if so, then come out and get down with me for what is going to be one for what is going to be one of the most fun shows ever. For those unfamiliar with Spank Rock, they’re essentially a hip hop group who take elements of Baltimore Club, Miami Bass, hip hop, awesome, sarcasm and fairly big splash of ironic misogyny (okay, while that last part could sound bad, the folks over at Dusted do a great job of explaining the glory of the Spank Rock.) The record is totally one of my favorite of the year so far, granted, I’ve been working on some promotional stuff for the band, but I can still love my work, right? It hasn’t left my car stereo in weeks. When you pulled up next to that guy and heard “Stop actin’ like a bitch and throw your hands up!” blasting from the car window, yeah, that was me. Sorry.

Here’s the video for their single “Rick Rubin,” it’s a sci-fi, booty-shakin, name-dropping track that poses the question “Is it not enough? Is it just too much? Is it out of touch or is it the touch?” Is it a new face of hip hop? I think it is. (Also, watch out at about 1:27 in the video for demonstration of the hot new Spank Rock-originated dance move, the Air Cock Thrust. F’real.)

You can read more about Spank Rock at The Onion AV Club, find some more tracks from Paul at Aurgasm or visit their website, Spank

2 thoughts on “Spank Rock on Sunday! “Extend the Devil Horns to Engage!””

  1. is this one of those its gonna sell out shows or can i just show up kinda early??

    anyone know??

  2. i checked a little earlier today and it isn’t sold out yet, showing up earlyish should take care of you.

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