Pride Weekend in WeHo

Just a quick reminder that this weekend is PRIDE in West Hollywood. I wouldn’t have even noticed it, except the city of WeHo sent postcard reminders to all residents.

Events start today, culminating with the parade on Sunday at 11am, at SMB at Crescent Heights. Taylor Dane, The Bangles and Berlin are playing. Hooray for old 80’s bands! (Actually Berlin is my hair inspiration.) Streets will be closed around the center of the festivities at SMB and San Vicente, so watch out for traffic back-ups if you’re just passing through.

On a different note, has anyone noticed the resemblance of the WeHo logo with the outline of a revolver?

One thought on “Pride Weekend in WeHo”

  1. Yes! The WeHo logo always looked more like a Tommy Gun to me, but in truth it’s just a pixel-y sort of map of the city. I like our version better.

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