Netflix Postal Employee Theft Borrowing

I’ve been a happy Netflix for years now, I think I’ve had an account with them almost as long as they’ve been in existence, and until recently I’ve never had much of a problem with their service. Since I moved to the 90014 postal code I have had my movies either not show up or never get back to netflix. This never happened to me in the 3 other zip codes that I lived in previously. So after the third disappearance in as many months, Netflix put the kibosh on my renting privileges and instructed me to give them a call. I thought to myself, wow Netflix has a phone number, funny that I could never find that when I was trying to complain about the DVDs that failed to arrive.

I called the number and explained to them the trouble I had been experiencing since moving to Downtown, to which they asked if any of my other neighbors had been having the same problem. I asked them how the hell would I know if my neighbors had been experiencing Netflix theft and couldn’t they just look that information up in their database? The customer service drone then said that I should contact my local post office and file a complaint if this continued to be a problem and then switched my account back on.

I decided not to wait for a disk to go missing again and called the post office right then. I filed my complaint and the postal employee told me that somebody would be contacting me to follow up in the next few days, which they never did. What happened instead is that in the last week, all the netflix movies that have been missing for the last few months have mysteriously been sent back to netflix. I guess the postal thieves got scared and mailed my disks back. How nice of them!

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  1. Same thing happens occasionally in my building to a number of my neighbors, often all at once.

    I tried reporting this before to Netflix, but they always respond with a form note about how some delays are caused and how to report lost discs. Love Netflix, but they need better robots to read their mail.

  2. Have you ever been to Every once in awhile someone reports incidents like this–all over the country. I recall reading recently about a postal worker getting busted–he/she had dozens of movies at home.

  3. Yeah I used to subscribe to their RSS feed, but then I came down with a serious case of RSS overload and erased all my technology related RSS feeds, instead opting to read twice daily.


  4. for what it is worth, i have never had a problem in 90013. the only time i ever had trouble was when i first started with netflix (back in 2002 or something like that). i was having the movies shipped to my workplace, and it was in a building so new that when they did some validate-the-postal-address magic on their database, they got the address wrong.

  5. I know this seems like a horrible waste of time and thereby defeats the damn convenience of Netflix altogether, but I usually try to drop off my Netflix in the boxes inside my nearest post office. That way, hell, if someone is TRULY dying to watch the dry as toast Mizoguchi movie I just rented, they’re gonna have to lift it right at work in front of others.

    I’ve had some bad luck with dropping Netflix movies into post boxes in West Hollywood? Want to know why? One day I opened up a post office box to find what appeared to be hundreds of head shots utterly jammed in the chute. Damn actors.

  6. After being a Netflix customer for 4+ years, my movies started going missing on the delivery side (I returned them via the mailroom at work) at a rate of about 40%. Complained to netflix and had to turn my account back on at least twice. Switched to blockbuster, same thing. I complained to my local PO, as had lots of my neighbors. Several months later, 2 mail carriers were busted in my (very small) zip for stealing the discs. Service is all back to normal now….

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