DCBID Maps Downtown

Are any of you as frustrated as I am trying to get a handle on all the downtown development? Who’s building what? Where are they building it? Is it commercial or residential? Trying to figure out what’s going on can be migraine inducing. That is, until I found this downtown L.A. interactive map created by the Downtown Center Business Improvement District. It’s never been easier to avoid any project being developed by Barry Shy!

6 thoughts on “DCBID Maps Downtown”

  1. yeah, this was great to see when it launched back in february.

    i look forward to your coverage of last month’s downtown development issue of the downtown news. maybe in september?

  2. Thanks for the pithy internet punditry, Jim. Do you see anywhere that I claim it’s new? Nope. In fact I specifically said that I just found it, not that it was just launched. Some of us try to avoid solipsism in our topic selection. Just because you (who already lives downtown) already know about it doesn’t mean that everybody that reads this blog already knows.

    Besides, I think you’re taking the whole “meme of the moment” mentality a little too seriously for somebody that recently posted pictures from 1990 on their own blog.

  3. that’s funny that you accuse jim of taking something too seriously when he was obviously poking a little fun and, you gotta face it, it was spot-on. yes, it was spot on. can’t you be gracious and admit it? especially when he tried to inject a little humor into it?

    back in 2004(?), you posted about finding a sign in chinatown that had been there for years. it was a very good post because you were thorough in posting about its provenance, and your research. as a downtown resident, i would like to see more of your posts on downtown reflect that. wouldn’t you want your neighborhood to receive the same thorough treatment if someone not from your neighborhood wrote about it?

    btw, why are you trying to “get a handle on downtown development” when you can’t even get a handle on finding a parking space downtown? there was a parking lot half a block away.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to respond, Celia. Despite your assertion about obviousness, it’s easy and all-to-common to misread the intent of things online. I’m happy to admit that I miscategorized your finace’s comment, and I aplogize for that. However, I was only having a bit of fun back myself and I don’t see you crediting me with the levity that I failed to credit to Jim.

    Besides, I think my response is reasonable and informative, if a bit sarcastic, about why I would choose to post something that might seem old to one person but not to another. I do appreciate the contrast you’ve highlighted between those two posts, but not every post is going to be a deeply researched background piece. This is a blog, not the LA Times. Sometimes, I’m just trying to share something interesting and useful and in the limited amount o f time I have each day to dedicate to volunteering for blogging.LA. If you’re looking for up-to-the-minute breaking news, you’re probably better off skipping my posts.

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