Getting Punched in the Face. 6.6.06

On this, the day of the beast, it is also apparently the day to take out your anti-hipster-rage. I hadn’t heard anything about this prior to today but it keeps landing in my inbox and popping open in IM windows. Take a look, and if you have one of those haircuts. . .take cover.


12 thoughts on “Getting Punched in the Face. 6.6.06”

  1. I was going to link to that and forgot – sorry Ben, you’d better hide today! ;-) Us goths and metalheads are teaming up and coming after the emos!

    However, you can all hope that we just get confused, and end up punching emus instead.

  2. i SO do not have one of those haircuts! don’t make me post a picture to prove it!

    besides, i normally hide my uncombed hair under a hat.

  3. ACCIDENTLY! It’s not on purpose! I MAY be a hipster. . .but only accidently!

  4. Actually, I think that’s a fascinating parrallel you’ve drawn. What annoys me most about the whole thing is that the word “emo” has been coopted to mean “crappy pop-punk” when, in reality, it began as something entirely different. back in the day when we made fun of something for being “emo” it was COMPLETELY different than what the kids today think is “emo.” I suppose it’s to be expected over time, but the change and “commercialization,” if you will, is kind of gross.

    emo used to be a funny word, not quite the dirty one it is now.

  5. When I first heard “emo” used in a sentence, I thought it was in reference to comedian Emo Philips. But I guess the hair style still applies.

  6. oh my god! i’ve never seen that first image. i was not fit to be photographed (but look surprisingly good. . .yeah?)

    oh man. both of those pictures are from nights that were out of hand.

  7. I just had this conversation with someone yesterday. I nearly crapped myself when she said Fall Out Biy was emo. Didn’t emo used to mean something completely different? I mean like before the shitstorm of pop pseudopunk flooded the mainstream. Didn’t emo used to be short for “emotional”? What’s emotional about singing “Whoah, oah, oah”? Is this just a way of trying to get street cred and avoiding the actual label of “pop”? I always thought emo was kind of big-brained emotional music.

    I used to like emo. I now think all emos should be beaten senseless.

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