My New Favorite Vantage Point

OK, so maybe everyone and their grandmother’s hairdresser knows this place, and maybe it wasn’t the clearest day in the world and maybe I was using a camera whose images I have to ultragoof around with in Photoshop to get them even close to remotely viewable, but I hadn’t been to this place up along Angels Point Road off of Stadium Way in Elysian Park since it was nothing but dirt, ground squirrels, empty beer cans, and used condoms. In that order. Well now if it ain’t all baseball fields and parking places and picnic areas, and grassy knolls… and ground squirrels, empty beer cans and used condoms — as well as that same quintessential Los Angeles vista I remember from back in the day (which was a looooog time ago when middle school was called junior high).
[click image to biggify it in all its manipulated and filtered glory]

2 thoughts on “My New Favorite Vantage Point”

  1. My two favorite LA views are from the top of the Kenneth Hahn Recreation Area off La Cienega and from the short trail at Will Rogers in the Palisades. Surreal. Then of course, there’s the big chair at Runyon on a blue moon night.

  2. We play kickball up there sometimes. If we’re all out of trees, we use condoms for bases. Often a mariachi band climbs up and plays to all the families cooking out on the weekends. And there’s that really gaudy “modern” structure that’s actually the Glass-Simons Memorial.

    It’s my favorite view of the city.

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