Let Us Not Forget The Impending New Otani Beer Garden

Grilling It Up At The New OtaniOn June 12th it will be here, hailing the summer in style: the New Otani Hotel Summer BBQ and Beer Garden. Went there a number of times last summer, and I can honestly say that I love it.

I love the beer(and cold sake of course) and I love BBQing meats and vegetables at the table. I really like beef ribs, btw. The rooftop garden itself is beautiful with a small waterfall and classy landscaping. This is the thing to do after a hard day at work or home.

2 thoughts on “Let Us Not Forget The Impending New Otani Beer Garden”

  1. Not to rain on its garden of goodness but I seem to recall the New Otani as being very anti in respects to dealing with the hotel workers union. Have they changed their evil ways or should I just stfu?

  2. The latest information I could find about any kind of labor dispute / union issues was testimony from 2002 and then some other information from 1992. I am not aware (nor is google news) of any current labore issues. If you do dig anything up, let me know as I am getting married there in about a month!

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