Sheriffs and CCWs and Cronies, Oh My!

There’s an interesting back and forth going on between Jim March and Glen Craig (Retired Sheriff, Sacramento County) in regards to the current CCW policies in CA. While they are specifically talking about a situation in Sacramento, it’s state law that allows it and elected Sheriffs that decide how to enforce it. Last year I posted a link to a video debate between LA’s Sheriff Baca and OC’s Sheriff Carona that shows exactly how different the law allows policies to be. In Jim March’s reply to Glen Craig’s note, Jim mentions LA and OC specifically in reference to situations that look a bit shady (the core of the discussion is speculation that only wealthy campaign contributors have a chance of getting a CCW license in Sacramento, and how this is mirrored statewide). Here’s the snip of that section:

How is it that when Sheriff Baca of LA set up an “executive reserves program” stocked with 20 major campaign contributors, and within a year one had chased a neighbor down the street in his underwear and another “upstanding citizen” laundered a quarter mil through Israel of all places and ran guns into Mexico.

How did the sole CCW holder in the city of Oakland end up being a serial sexual molester with personal connections to the mayor? That’s a 100% failure rate.

Or how about the latest from Orange County? Sheriff Carona has a sweet little program arming rich Los Angeles folks (now that Baca dumped ’em?) by issuing them a joke reservist status and one of same such “cops” was found connected to (and supplying guns for) the scam artist that wrecked the stolen Ferrari doing 160mph DUI.

As I mentioned last week, the current situation that let’s one person decide on a whim who should and shouldn’t be able to carry a gun in public begs for corruption, where as a policy closer matching how drivers licenses are distributed (if you apply and meet a set of requirements you will be approved, regardless of how much is in your bank account or who you know) is much more fair. Again, it’s important to stress that the person calling the shots on this is elected by the people in the county. Sheriff Baca is on the ballot for reelection next week – there are 4 other candidates running against him. While none of the candidates have discussed this topic openly – Ken Masse, who has a blog, seems to have impressed some people with his take on it. Point being, know who you are voting for and what they are supporting.

On a site note, I’d really like to hear from some LASD people (or LAPD people for that matter) on this topic, even if just on the last question in Jim’s note:

What’s going on now is a freakshow. What kind of morale problem does this send through a department, when the whole staff figures the boss is on the take? Can I as a citizen trust a cop/deputy who is willing to work for such an agency, or do I have to look at every single member of such a department as a potential gang member with a badge?

UPDATE: Please see the comments for a note from Paul Jernigan – pro-CCW candidate for Sheriff.

2 thoughts on “Sheriffs and CCWs and Cronies, Oh My!”

  1. Hello,

    I am Paul Jernigan, candidate for Los Angeles County Sheriff.

    I do take a stand regarding CCWs and it is posted at my website at

    I am a firm believer in the right to own and bear arms. As Sheriff, I will issue CCWs to anybody that passes a background check and a gun safety class.

    I was a street cop during the 1992 riots, and in the middle of fighing them. We were so overwhelmed by the rioters, the public had to defend themselves without our help for about 24 hours. Those with guns did not get robbed and their businesses did not burn.

    Thank you, and please vote June 6, 2006,

    Paul L. Jernigan Jr.

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