Attempted Murder Charges for Ex-Cop Accused of Sexual Assault Against A Minor?

As reported elsewhere, ex-Manhattan Beach police officer Shawn Shelton was arrested for using his old badge to abduct and then sexually assault a 14 year old boy in Vegas. Now, blogger Steve Huff at Huff’s Crime Blog has uncovered the possibility that Shelton could be charged with attempted murder “if his assault against the 14-year-old was violent, and if he penetrated the boy with no condom.”

From Huff:

Not only is the former cop accused now of raping a 14-year-old boy he abducted from a bus stop in Nevada, but that same former cop revealed in conversations later permitted into the judicial record that he was HIV positive.

The documents Huff cites appear to be a case summary of the lawsuit Shelton brought against the city of Manhattan Beach for “alleged harassment, discrimination, and retaliation against…gay police sergeant.”

Huff adds:

Rapists in general are not known for their caution in using prophylactics, except to avoid leaving DNA evidence. One can only pray that if he was the attacker of the boy in Nevada as alleged, then his planning involved more than handcuffs and a “fake,” or perhaps “retired” badge.

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  1. Sorry for the tired old innocent-until-proven-guilty point of order, but Shelton was arrested for ALLEGEDLY using his badge to abduct and assault a minor.

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