Most. Naive. Hackers. Ever.

A couple of kids from NY were recently arrested here in L.A. for blackmailing MySpace (Information Week article here). Apparently, the two developed a code to steal users personal information from MySpace, and then leveraged it against the site. They demanded $150,000, in exchange for which they would NOT release this information to the rest of the population of crackers and script kitties in the pseudo-hacker universe.

So MySpace immediately called the joint local and federal task force in L.A. that deals with “cybercrime”, and then set up a fiendishly clever plot. They would lure the hackers out to L.A. by buying them plane tickets, promising to negotiate, and then arrest them! And, because I imagine that these were the sort of hackers that have better code skills than actual street smarts, they fell for it – and were arrested upon arrival at LAX.

I can only hope these are the jerks that released my MySpace password a few months ago. But even if they aren’t, MySpace should probably focus less on their secret concerts, and more on actually beefing up their security. This also reminds me to remind you all – MySpace is insecure, in so many ways. If you’re using the site, it’s recommended to keep a separate password for it than for, say, PayPal.

Most of all though, I hope that one of the TV channels makes a movie of the week out of this. Of course, that then raises the most important question out of all this: which hilarious GenX TV star should play Tom?

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