Steven Seagal: Marked for Blues

seagal.GIFI have to admit that I find Steven Seagal fascinating. Even more so now that he has fashioned himself into a blues musician. And is now on tour. And this Wednesday he will be performing at the El Rey Theater. Mind. Blowing.

I am not sure what to make of it. One minute he is breaking the forearms of Jamaican drug lords in Marked for Death, and the next he is on stage singing the blues. Who know that he had this whole other side to him?

So that leaves us with this Wednesday, when you can go see him. Unfortunately I cannot make it as I have prior engagements, but I thought I would spread the word in case anyone out there is willing to check it out.

4 thoughts on “Steven Seagal: Marked for Blues”

  1. His band played on Penn & Teller’s Sin City Spectacular some years ago. Shortly thereafter, I met a guy who was producing his album. Last I heard, though, investors in the recording project were suing Segal for not delivering an album after more than $200,000 had been sunk into it. Curious to see him still playing, though.

  2. He’s also playing the Coach House down in OC, which is a pretty small/intimate venue. Upon first hearing about this, I was very tempted to go check it out, but afraid of getting my ass-kicked if I let out an audible laugh.

    Although in all honesty, as I dug in deeper and listened to the samples of, he doesn’t sound too bad.

    But the accent he’s developed is pretty hysterical. Apparently he’s Cajun now.

  3. i actually saw the auteur perform with greggy allman @ jazzfest in new orleans once. true story. the man has no peer on guitar, but i don’t necessarily mean that in the good way.

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