MTA Security in Union Station Use Segways

Who knew that the guards in the Union Station parking lot use Segways to thwart car thieves? According to this article about the pending IPO of the Segway company, there hasn’t been a break in since they started using them a couple years back. MTA in total uses about 19 Segways.

2 thoughts on “MTA Security in Union Station Use Segways”

  1. I work in Union Station and can say that I rarely the see Segways in use. We have four levels of security in place at Union Station- the hired security officers, Metro Sheriffs, MTA transit police and uniformed LA police officers. The hired security is the most lax, the Sheriffs the most vigilant. The primary Segway drivers are transit police, and they aren’t around often, but considering the numbers of security personnel around, most potential conflicts are taken care of before they happen. I attribute the lack of break-ins to increased police presence, not Segways.

    By the way, I don’t work FOR Union Station, I work IN it.

  2. I saw two officers on Segways riding around the station once a couple years ago. Hadn’t seen it since so I’ve wondered whether that was a regular part of their enforcement transportation. I do have to call into question though whether they’ve really made that significant of a difference or if it’s more the increased police presence as Tyson stated.

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