Lawsuit filed over downtown mystery blob

Back in February the Daily News told us that a mystery blob was eating downtown. Turns out Irvine-based St. James Oil Corp *might* be the mad scientist behind this monstrosity and was just named in nine count criminal complaint. That’s not really news, I mean, if you mess up and create a blob which eats city streets and causes the evacuation of about 130 people you can expect to have some charges filed against you. Here’s the news – what kind of trouble can you get in for a mess like this? Well the first charge, sending ‘heated injected liquid’ into the streets, drains and Ballona Creek, that one will cost them FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. The other eight charged could be UP TO ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS each. Doing the math on that? This fiasco could cost this oil company somewhere in the neighborhood of $13K. Wow, I bet they accountants are crapping their pants over that one. Let’s recap here – 35 apartments were evacuated and people were kept out of their homes for days, a section of Olive Street was closed for months while it was cleaned, stabilized and repaved, and the legal ramification is $13K. Also, according to today’s Times “Officials in the state Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources earlier said St. James had agreed to pay for the cleanup pending an investigation into whether the company was responsible for the leak.” Ah, pending investigation.

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  1. I was totally going to post this at like 2 am last night, but instead I choose sleep. =] I hope a big oil drilling company can afford that massive fine!

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