Will Shill Shaved Ice for Audition

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2006/05/IMG_3841-thumb.JPGActor Brian Kinney may have found the best way to get his face in front of producers and casting directors around town: by planting himself and his vending cart at the entrance of Runyon Canyon in Hollywood.

Brian has been serving Hawaaian shave* ice along with bottled water, Clif bars, and other hike/run/yoga friendly snacks for the past two months at the La Brea entrance to Runyon, slowly building a clientelle that includes LAPD officers and Councilman Tom LaBonge. A requisite sign hangs from the self-owned cart alongside a headshot that reads: “Shamelessly Seeking Agent Representation.”

Shameless? This guy’s working unlike the truly shameless Dennis Woodruff.

(Out of full disclosure, I should point out he gave me a free shaved ice while I snapped these pics… proving that writing for blogging.la has clout)

* UPDATE: I incorrectly first called this Hawaiian Shaved Ice, instead of the proper Hawaiian Shave Ice. Thanks to reader Greg for the red ink.

8 thoughts on “Will Shill Shaved Ice for Audition”

  1. instead of trying to be an actor, he should try to be the best damn “shave ice” man ever! that is a more unexploited and useful niche around here.

  2. as a “marketing and branding professional,” I have to say that’s genius. i hope it works out for him.

  3. Does he have a permit to sell that on public property? Does he have a City Business License Certificate? It’s the law, you know.

  4. The “real deal” would include azuki beans and vanilla ice cream at the bottom, as well as li hing mui among the syrup choices…

  5. Thanks all for your comments and especially David for posting this blog. Great! Let me see…you have to bring your own nuts (too many people are dangerously allergic)…I have all the permits and the business license…I’ll get azuki beans next time I make it downtown to Little Tokyo (I’ve been getting lots of requests for them, also condensed milk) I’ve tried ice cream on the bottom but it costs a lot to buy dry ice every day to keep the ice cream cold enough. I’ll try it again if the business takes off…thanks to blogs like this maybe it will!
    I am an actor and I’m meeting lots of great people. It’s true I started this cart to get a foot in. In the mean time, I don’t mind making people smile with the best damn shave ice this part of the universe. I just got a referral to a commercial agent! Any pretty girls need a job?

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