Please tell me it’s not true…

I just heard a story about a woman jumping out of a building in Westwood maybe 15 minutes ago around 1:45pm…

UPDATE: Thanks to the ever-wonderful Brian Humphrey of the LAFD for always giving us the facts.

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  1. Dunno, but one helicopter is buzzing around Hollywood and Highland right now, and another is hovering above LaBrea around Sunset… could be American Idol madness…

  2. Sadly, it’s true. A young woman jumped off the 21st floor onto the 7th floor parking structure.

  3. Norcal:


    That is what I heard as well, but I wanted to spread as few rumors or unsubstantiated facts as possible. So now there are two people who heard the same thing.

    So far I have seen no news reports on this… any details would be enlightening.

  4. The old “Monty’s Building” or 1100 Glendon Ave–Napa Valley Grille at the bottom of the building. Really just a sad and unfortunate event, especially for the offices facing the roof of the parking structure (7th floor).

  5. Don’t expect to see anything on the news about this. Officials don’t want to give anyone ideas. Sadly, these types of things happen fairly regularly.

  6. I work in an office facing the impact zone. Crazily, the woman bounced off of a co-worker’s car before it landed.

    Accounts from co-workers say she had brown/sandy blonde hair, red sweatpants and a white tshirt, with no shoes and dirty feet.

    The question I ask is how someone like this breezed by the ineffective security guards and somehow managed to get to the roof.

    To get there, you must either take one elevator to the 20th floor, and take another to the “penthouse” on 21, and walk out a glass door onto the roof.

    The other option is to go up a stairwell, but you can’t get to them from all floors without going through someone’s office. Plus, you’d need to know where you where going, Kinda.

    Must have happened around 1:30? I noticed people milling about the windows at about 2. All in all, pretty sad.

  7. In this case, please know that it is not “officials”, but rather members of The Fourth Estate who chose what they brokered to the public. Suicides happen all day, every day – with three ‘jumpers’ in the last 24 hours in the City of Los Angeles alone.

    While we share plenty of news both good and bad with reporters everyday, it is largely a decision by the mainstream news media as to what they will offer the public.

    As citizens, we must ever mistake the media for a public service, as they are first and foremost a business – and businesses, whether we like it or not, make business decisions. :(

    Sadly, there are only so many column inches and broadcast minutes, and similarly in our office, with a staff of one and more than 1200 possibly newsworthy incidents streaming across the 9-1-1 computer screen, short of a particular inquiry or interest, we have to pick and choose.

    Please know that we are always pleased to reply to an inquiry regardless of the type of call.

    In this case the 9-1-1 call came in at 1:47:15 PM. Our Westwood based crews were summoned 0.6 miles from their station to respond to 1100 South Glendon Avenue for person who had fallen or jumped. The adult female, who was not positively identified by Paramedics, was found atop the parking structure with massive multi-system trauma. Her injuries were incompatible with life, and in accordance with DHS Reference #814, she was declared deceased at the scene.

    She became LAPD Incident #2782 or #2783 (LAPD Dispatchers offered both incident numbers before they were combined to ? at their end), and later a Coroner’s case, with that agency to determine her positive identity as well as the precise cause, time and manner of her death. I regretfully do not have a Coroner’s case number to offer you at this hour.

    There were no other injuries.

    I hope this information helps. If you have apressing need for information, the LAPD or Coroner’s Office will be pleased to process your request.

    Stay Safe and Be Well,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Information Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

  8. “Her injuries were incompatible with life.” There’s a poem in there, somewhere. Probably not a very good poem, but a poem.

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