BOS Needs To Take A Lesson From BOSS

Last month I raved about the speedy service the Bureau of Street Services (BOSS) provided in filling in some potholes that had long been festering at the end of my street. I put in an online service request and shazam! the next day the work was done.

Apparently the Bureau of Sanitation (BOS) just doesn’t see the need for such a timely rapid response. Today is the scheduled trash pick-up day for the neighborhood and this morning the black cans got emptied and the green cans got emptied but eight hours later the blue ones up and down my block (and perhaps adjacent ones, too) are still sitting there on the street veritably bulging with all that recyclable goodness.

A call to the 311 line left me on holdhell long enough to find the BOS customer service phone number online and when I called the representative took down all my information, told me she would pass the missed collection onto a route supervisor, and thanked me for calling. I wondered if she thought a truck would be coming tomorrow or if there still might be time to get one sent out today.

“Oh no sir, there’s a 48-hour processing time from when the supervisor receives the order so you should expect your trash to be picked up on Friday.

Uh, two days to come back and get the block(s) they missed!? That stinks, literally. Tell ya what Mayor ‘Tonio, if you’re so gung-ho to buy more police by jacking the fees I have to pay to get my trash picked up you’d be wise to find a way to speed up the sanitation department’s response time when it fails to do so.