Where The Sunken City Ends

On Sunday I went over to San Pedro to check out the “Sunken City”, prompted by a little write up Meri found in the LA City Beat.

Teetering On The EdgeCool stuff. Lots of old broken sidewalks and streets, hanging dangerously off of a cliff overlooking the ocean, with a great view of the Port of Los Angeles in the distance.

In 1929 a sizeable section of land in the southern tip of San Pedro began to unexplainably slip into the sea. The 600 block of Paseo Del Mar began moving seaward in 1929 and continued to slip until the mid 1930s. Movement was measured as high as 11 inches a day. Due to quick action, all but two of the houses on the seaward side of the street were moved before toppling into the sea.[via]

According to some, more of this place slips away every time it rains, so I am surprised it lasted this long, and maybe soon it will be gone forever.

Add this – along with the Dominator – to the list of “cool decaying things along the Socal coast”.

I took some pix, naturally. More to come…

9 thoughts on “Where The Sunken City Ends”

  1. Did you grab a chocolate shake at Walker’s Cafe, the biker cafe right by Sunken City? Not only has it been featured in one of the greatest films ever, Chinatown, but it makes some tasty goodies . . . .

    And Go Pedro! Thanks for visiting our corner of LA.

  2. p.s. we don’t call it “the” – just “sunken city” – at least as far as I’ve ever heard it.

    like norcal-ers who drop the “the” from freeways. those crazy kids.

  3. It is just “Sunken City”, and it is definitely in a state of ongoing disintegration, the undercut on that overhang of concrete used to be negligable, people would picnic on it. Now, I wouldn’t wanna hang out up there for long, if at all.

    If it looks familiar, it’s because it’s been in a lot of films, most memorably serving as the dispersion site for Donny’s ashes in The Big Lebowski.

  4. It was also almost visible in the last scene of The Rock (about half that movie used SP to double for SF).

  5. Yeah, but The Rock sucks ass. If I remember, the retarded car chase scene alternates from Pedro to SF from block to block.

    It’s was also the location for a Shapeshifters music video. I was hanging out there one day and wandered into Circus dressed as a caveman next to an awesome piece of a caveman trapped in a block of ice while they were filming. The caveman in a giant ice cube piece was there for years aftewards.

  6. I liked the Rock – not particularly intellectual, but good for watching stuff get smashed – better for playing “name the Pedro street or landmark.”

    Big L, however, aside from making famous my beloved former bowling alley, was a bit crap . . . .

  7. well, i didn’t *start out* pooing all over fav film . . . i didn’t really start out recommending The Rock either, but since you wanted to talk film qualities . . . . ;)

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