The Times They Are A Changin’…?

Seldom do I miss an opportunity to stick it to the L.A. Times whenever it deigns to dismiss bicycles alternate modes of transport as a viable commuting option.

Thus it was with jaw-dropping surprise that I cracked open today’s issue to find an excellent package of articles contained in its Health section under the header of Special Report: The Cycling Commute, actually promoting two-wheeled transportation instead of demoting it.

If there’s any fault to be found it would be that this enthusiastic coverage came out after Bike Commute Week, which culminated yesterday with the 6th Annual L.A. River Ride, but definitely better late than never.

One thought on “The Times They Are A Changin’…?”

  1. Sure it didn’t come with a Ralph’s sponsored target to put on your back folded in the middle?

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