“Guns N’ Roses” are gonna play their first LA show in 15 years!

Axl and his new Guns N’ Roses band are gonna headline KROQ’s Inland InGAYsion 2006, September 23rd at the Hyundai Pavilion at Glen Helen. That’ll be their first Los Angeles show in fifteen years! Yeah sure it’s not really Guns N’ Roses, but at least it’s still Axl and who knows maybe by then Izzy, Slash, Duff & Popcorn will all be back in the band. Either way, Axl’s gonna sing “Out ta Get Me”, “Mr. Brownstone”, “It’s So Easy” and “Estranged” and those songs are a million times better than any new rock songs today so I’ll be there getting my arena-rock on. Yowzah!

10 thoughts on ““Guns N’ Roses” are gonna play their first LA show in 15 years!”

  1. the original lineup would be great. unfortunately it sounds like adler’s life is a fucking train wreck. at least we can always watch live at the ritz.

  2. i saw the pictures on buddyhead. casper adams and adler in the same room sounds like a deadly combo. i heard adler’s european tour was a disaster. lots of cancelled shows and a strange wrist ailment (supposedly from a shot of coke into the wrist). i read that izzy got onstage with axl’s new band and did a couple of old gnr songs. if they’d put their differences aside and tour with the original lineup they’d fucking own the world.

  3. Hey these guys bring back lot’s of memories for me.

    the vision and sound of one day in the desert of Kuwait a couple of days after the end of the war southwest of al Jahrah as the this song was played across the gun line over the head sets and the squawk boxes and we were all doing the whistling.

    Great group . Guns and roses is a great group.

  4. Have you guys seen Robin, though? He looks a little askew, to say the least.
    And I LOVE that Tommy H. slapped Axl around…

  5. inGAYsion is self-explanatory: most of the bands playing are fucking lame just like the pc patrol soldiers who freak out and scream “homophobes!” everytime someone uses the word gay. take a midol and shut the fuck up!

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