Suicide Bombing in Downtown Los Angeles

May 19, 2006 at 8:25 pm in LA

Car bomb exploding

This weekend, at an undisclosed location in Downtown LA, there will be a suicide bombing with over 200 people involved. Ok, so it won’t be a real bombing, but a staged one for a commercial slated for the Iraqi market to help dissuade people from blowing themselves up for profit political reasons. If anyone knows where this will be filmed, respond in the comments of this post so I can go grab some photos!

Update: My inside man hooked it up with the address: 801 8th Street. We’ll see if I can get some shots of the action.

Update 2: After lunch, penelope and I made it down to the shoot and checked it out. Got a bunch of cool shots on my point and shoot. There were about 20-30 crew members on the shoot. They were using a multicam setup like they used in the matrix. I would say about 40 or 50 cameras. Once they are uploaded you can count them if you are interested. They had a giant hydraulic ram, which must have been 20 feet long and a foot in diameter that was attached to a crane to yank a car up in the air. We got to watch as they set off the explosion. The pyro and fx crew did a great job and the explosion went off without a hitch. Click here to check out the albums.

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