People have “weed cards” in LA.

This is just one of the many reasons I love to live in Los Angeles. Not because I have one of these cards and buy weed this way, I don’t. But because you can’t open your local free weekly and see this kind of ad if you live in Buttfuck, Nebraskahoma. By the way, if anyone does have a “weed card” please tell me about this process. How does it work? And aren’t you a bit freaked The Man now knows you smoke the sticky icky?

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  1. i have one of these things and lemme tell you man it takes a whole fuckin load off your shoulders. the pigs will try to threaten to take your shit away but by law they can’t ( as long as its obvious that youre not stoned…) an you can even grow your own shit. i got mine in the bay area and its legal for me to have up to two fucking pounds in my house! if you feel like getting one its prolly gonna cost you anywhere from 125- 150 dollars but you can buy pot thats quality anytime and smoke in certain public places. just go in and tell them that you have something wrong (they sould have a list of info in the front office) like say insomnia or chronic pain etc. just the fact that you have a perscription will get folks off your back. ive had mine for a year now and the man hasnt even tried anything on me.

  2. Although California State law says that Marijuana is a legal medicine for those with a prescription, the Federal government says it’s a nono. So It’s states-rights vs. big government. It’s like the 1700s all over again.

  3. This clinic is two seconds away from where I work. On 4/20 they had balloons out. Yes, that rules. It is a damn holiday, after all.

  4. Some kid I knew got pulled over when these cards first started coming out, and he showed them the ID but they weren’t familiar with it or didn’t believe him or something, so they confiscated his stuff and took him to the station. When they got there, they called the doctor that had prescribed him weed and the doctor adamantly insisted that the kid had chronic migraines and that he needed his weed. Apparently 20 minutes later the kid was back in his car with all of stuff. Pretty crazy. I also heard the same thing about the federal vs state law conflict, though, but I doubt that would ever come into play.

  5. my roommate has one of these. he is all about it, the stories about the weed store are INTENSE.

  6. Wow I am from Vancouver and I thought we were the only place that had “weed cards”. If you can get them in California how come there is like a whole community in Northern B.C. of people from the good ol’ U.S. who went there to smoke in peace why wouldnt they just go to California.

  7. Actually the police protect the stores. I saw a quick story on KCAL 9 the other day about the LAPD stopping 3 hoodlums trying to rob a compassionate care clinic. State and local authorities are fine with this. Only the federal govt (the DEA specifically) have issues. Of course, we are supposedly represented by the feds too, so contact them and tell them to budget nothing for busting these sorts of things. More info on that (the Hinchey Medical Marijuana Amendment) here (americans for safe access)

  8. One of my friends had one of these cards. She had been in a bunch of automobile accidents and had serious TMJ and migraines and a bunch of other bs so she got the card. The stuff she got at the store was INSANE.
    She stopped going to the store after the Federal law passed. She still carries the card though and carries her weed in an old prescription bottle from stuff she got at the store. She’s afraid the Feds are going to raid the place while she’s shopping.
    They raided shops that sold bongs and busted tommy chong….how gay is that?

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