It’s Kickball Season Again!

W06-MattPitching.jpg I know, I know. You’ve all been saying to yourselves, “why didn’t I go out and play kickball last season? WHY? WHY?” Because it was a ridiculously awesome Winter season down in Dogtown, and I’m not just saying that because my team (the Pregnant Cheerleaders) took the championship (beating out Ace of Base, the Turtle Wranglers and the Westside Whackers in the finals).

But now is your chance! Now you can come experience kickball in all its noble glory! We’re having pickup games tonight and next Wednesday, from 7 – 9pm. We play at Oakwood Rec Center in Venice, at 7th and California. Everyone is welcome, no athletic ability is required, and I hope that anyone interested comes out to kick the big red rubber balls and hang out, post game, at Brennan’s on Lincoln.

More info is on the official WAKA page

(Yes, this is kickball, as in that game you haven’t played since you were in elementary school. But I know it was probably your favorite phys ed. activity then, and if it wasn’t, it will be when you play it as a grownup. Trust me.)

4 thoughts on “It’s Kickball Season Again!”

  1. I can’t make it tonight but would love to come next week.

    I loved kickball as kid, although I don’t remember being very good at it. We will see if things have changed. :-)

  2. C’mon down! I won’t be there personally next week, because I’m seeing the Ditty Bops, but tell them I sent you ;-)

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