Fluevog Forever!


John Fluevog is back!

Not that he’s really been gone, but for a long time his stuff has been too
clunky and goofbally for me. And BROWN. Ugh I hate brown.

Happily, with the launch of his LISTEN line, all that seems to be behind him, and he and I are back on track. Check out some more of what’s in the store right now:


Pics snapped at the little-known LA Fluevog store on Melrose at Gardner
(across from Johnny Rockets). New stuff in almost every day and lots of good stuff on sale. Prices are reasonable!

3 thoughts on “Fluevog Forever!”

  1. “Reasonable”? Fluevog prices reasonable?

    what kind of reasonable are we talking here?

    Because I have very little reason.

  2. I’ve been a very bad person, and have been buying a lot more expensive shoes than these for a long time.

    I guess that means my perspective is off – the Listen shoes are about $150, which I think is reasonable, especially for these well-made designer shoes. And check out the sale rack – a lot of stuff for about 80 bucks.

    Sure, it ain’t no Payless, but it also ain’t no Manolo Blahnik.

  3. Actually for the quality and individuality of the shoe you are getting the price is reasonable…. Of course reasonable and affordable are not synonymous which is why I scavenge Ebay, Zappos and Fluevog sales to get my hands on my beloved vogs. 21 pairs and counting and haven’t paid full price yet. Die hard Vog’rs will always find a way

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