Ever seen him in a shirt?

Not that you’re really seeing him in one now either,
but this is the best I could do on the fly in the Gelson’s, without him knowing what I was doing.

Not that he’d care, but still.

Anyway, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Silver Lake Walker, wearing a shirt and not reading a newspaper!

6 thoughts on “Ever seen him in a shirt?”

  1. About twenty years ago (yes, I can remember back that far), when I first became aware of the “Walking Man”, he tended to be over-dressed: overcoat and gloves in mild weather.

  2. My husband & I play “slugbug’ when ever we see “Walking Man”..as we call him. He’s an anesthesiologist & walks up to 4 hours a day. Reads 5 newspapers a day..yeah, i’m obsessed w/ him !!

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