Hello Bob Hope

After all these years of living in LA I’ve never flown in or out of any airport other than LAX. Despite the fact that most people I know rave about Burbank’s Bob Hope Airport. It’s not that I particularly love LAX, it’s just that I know how it works and it’s easier to stick that out. At least I think so anyway. But in a few short hours I’ll find out for myself, since I’m taking the plunge and hopping on a plane in Burbank. I’ll be back tomorrow so will report on my findings then.

7 thoughts on “Hello Bob Hope”

  1. Don’t park in the main lot! It’s too expensive for anything longer than a few minutes. Instead, park in one of the other lots (I think Lot C is the choice of most, but I’m not 100% sure), and take the regular shuttle bus.

  2. I fly out of there at least once a week. It’s never a hassle. The only problem is that parking starting to get tight. I would recco the main parking lot “A” due to the fact that shuttles run there more often. I haven’t waited more than 10 minutes. True there is a number to call and complain, but it’s just easier the other way. Plus lot “A” is the cheaper of them. They rejiggered the pricing a couple of months ago when they started to get busy.

    All and All, my flight is hardly delayed out of Burbank. Coming in on Fridays it is. But that’s all of LA. Burbank: It’s Aces.

    (Please don’t make it too crowded people. Keep going to LAX. It’s much cooler! They have more bars and food!)

  3. I love that I get to walk on actual tarmac when I leave out of Burbank. Fry’s is nearby and I have killed an hour or two inside as I wait for delayed airplanes to arrive. Also, you can board and exit from the back of the airplane. Enjoy!

  4. a little secret is that the a lot of areas in the neighborhood have no posted signs on side streets. When I went to new york last week, I parked at my friends house a few blocks away and grabbed the bus. There is also the train station across the streets.

  5. I have two words for you and those words are VALET PARKING.

    It can get a little pricey if you’re there for more than a day or two, but for a trip like yours it’s ideal. And for an extra 20 bucks they will even WASH YOUR CAR.

    God Bless Bob Hope – AND his airport! I wish I could fly out of Burbank all the time!

  6. Ditto valet parking – it’s ez and quick. Before you board your return flight call the valet number and your car will be waiting for you when you get there. Nice.

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