6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Tommy’s!”

  1. Given that I only live about two blocks away, I see no reasonable way to justify not having Tommy’s for lunch. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. It took FOUR hours to get my hands on some Tommy’s goodness. But once I got to the original shack it was all worth the massive sunburn.

    I walked out of there with 7 Chili Cheese bugers to go, they should take care of lunch for the next few days.

  3. I SERIOUSLY don’t want to see a Tommy burger the morning after. And if you think you can make them last “a few days” you’re even crazier.

    Sheesh they nearly reach critical mass in the time it takes for the guy to hand it to you and you to immediately scarf it down! And no matter how fast you eat it and how much you wash, your hands still carry the smell for a day.

  4. Oh and there’s no way I would wait anywhere near that long for a burger, even a Tommy burger. Especially since the newfangled modern day 21st Century price is something crazy like $2.50 for a double chili cheeseburger.

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