My (first?) Jailhouse Tattoo

jailhouse.jpgThank goodness tattooing is legal in the City of LA – although this one was certainly administered without a license –

So I’m paying for my stuff at the post office, of course using the world’s best pen, and in my zeal to shut said pen, I miss the cap and jam the pen point right into my finger.

A week and a half later, I still have the spot! I’m sure it will fade soon, given its location, but I’ve never felt more like a badass.

Don’t mess with me!

5 thoughts on “My (first?) Jailhouse Tattoo”

  1. I had that same thought – but the damned thing hurt, so I didn’t want to go for two more.

  2. I got poked with a pencil in 8th grade and it made the same mark. It’s still on my hand more than 20 years later!

  3. They say tattooing starts small. Take your next logical step: Do it under your right eye, pour one for your homies, and get your eyebrows waxed off.

    Now THAT’S hard core.

  4. I’m the same as Ruth. I stabbed myself in the knee with a ball point pen as a child and it’s still there. It looks sort of like a backwards seven. I guess it’s a “distinguishing mark” that could be used to identify my body. Silver lining!

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