Public access rules in Los Angeles…’ve never really been big on watching TV, but I recently got basic cable and have been watching public access channel 24 on Comcast. It’s mind-blowing how fucked up and weird some of the shows are. One of my favorite people on public access in LA is a guy named Zuma Dogg. He’s a super annoying white gangster rapper that performs on Venice Beach (usually wearing his own shirt). I’m not sure if this guy is really this tweaked or if it’s just an act. Either way I’m glad he’s out there doing his thing. I found these two clips on youtube so you can get an idea of what his show is all about. Also, check out his myspace page and website.

“A local underground star. Brain-seizing artistry.” – LA Weekly

“The future of television comedy.” – Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Love your show, buddy! I tried to call in, but couldn’t get through.” – Adam Sandler

“Zuma Dogg, a very funny comedian.” – Howard Stern

“Everyone watches Zuma Dogg.” – Reggie Miller

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  1. Ok Travis, Public Access; mind blowing and fucked up are good descriptions for some of the “entertainers” on the shows. I too have seen Zuma Dogg and have yet to fully understand his schtick. Most of the “entertainers” are beyond tragic but I do give them kudos for appearing a widely distributed venue (I have adelphia). I’ve created a metaphor of sorts for public access performers; you know how they say slowing to watch a car accident after it has occured is morbid curiosity? Well, watching public access is like seeing the car accident as its happening, you tune in and cant pull yourself away from the horror and carnage you are seeing. It is very compelling.

  2. Zuma Dogg is hilarious. If you can look past the crappy production, he’s actually quite a showman. Anyone who disagrees is a “sissyfool”!

  3. Yeah, yeah…thanks for the comments, y’all. I came across your webpage but doing a google search for “zuma dogg” and came across your insiteful, and rightful comments. Especially, thanks to the person who said anyone that doesn’t like Zuma Dogg is a “sissy fool.”

    LA City Beat article on “ZD Fights City Hall”:

    LA Times article, this week. More video at (type “zuma dogg” in search box — more videos being added.)

    Ya Feelme,
    Zuma Dogg
    Public Advocate/Gangsta Rapper

  4. This guy is funny as hell. On I watch his videos at least 3 times a day I just ordered the DVDs, cant wait to get them. I dont understand why MTV hasnt picked him up yet and given him his own show. This guy is 20x funnier than any damn show on there.

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