A Little Less Titillation (USC Boobgate, Part III)

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2006/05/usc_boobs4-thumb.jpgAlright. I admit I have absolutely no reason to make a third posting on this subject… except as an excuse to post this third topless photo of USC Professor Dr. Diane York Blaine (first post here, second post here), although I should add that Dr. Blaine supposedly was approached by adult film producers after they saw the photos on TV. (source: NBC 4)

But while I’m at it, I should acknowledge that NBC 4 reporter Cary Berglund responded to my criticism that his coverage of this story was more an attempt to make news than to cover it:

The topless pictures caught us off guard and made us at least ask the questions of propriety… codes of conduct and what’s okay and not okay for a college professor to be doing. We did the story though Blaine didn’t return my calls, and then did a follow up with Dr. Blaine the next day because we thought it was an interesting debate. We still do.

And though admittedly I was a little off put by even approaching the story with its obvious pitfalls into salaciousness I was very happy with the non destructive way we all—reporter, photographers, interviewees and subject matter got their point across. Sometimes news is simply a tool to advance social discussion and discourse… with everyone’s help we did that.

Well, now there’s two things I disagree with Berglund about. The first remains the issue of the topless photos being worthy of debate, as mentioned previously.

My second, and larger disagreement, with Berglund is that he was put off by the story’s “salaciousness”, when I think he should relish in it. I have no problem with exploitive news reporting; show me car chases and news reports about lapdance bans 24/7. But one woman showing her boobs on the net and only one blogger complaining? Not salacious enough. We have an entire porn industry in Los Angeles… there has got to be plenty to cover there.

On the NBC 4 site there’s a “Backstory” video where Berglund goes more in depth about why he covered the story that includes his two new reports on the subject, including his interview with Dr. Blaine.

Unfortunately, there are no more topless photos of Dr. Blaine available online, which means the end of my posts on the subject.

10 thoughts on “A Little Less Titillation (USC Boobgate, Part III)”

  1. I think the newsoom sounded a little like this:

    1: What’s the big deal? People post this shit all the time.

    2: But, dude, she’s a teacher. With, you know, boobs.

    3: Boobs are in this time of year. Think of the ad revenue.

    2: And she’s a teacher. Teacher boobs.

    1: The hell are you two smoking? I’ve seen better on my aunt Margaret.

    2: You’ve seen your aunt Margaret’s boobs?

    3: Everybody’s seen his aunt Margaret’s boobs. I’ve seen his aunt Margaret’s boobs.

    1: The point is this is nothing spe- you’ve seen my aunt Margaret’s boobs?

    3: She’s got nice boobs, what can I say?

    1: Wait, where did- No. No, I don’t want to know.

    2: So, teacher boobs?

    3: Knockers.

    1: What?

    3: Knockers magazine. June ’05. Here.

    1: Dear Christ, it is aunt Margaret. I should not be looking at this.

    2: Ooh. Boobs. Is she a teacher, too?

    1: That’s my aunt Margaret. Uncle Harold’s gonna go batshit.

    3: He’s on page 12.

    1:… Burn this.

    2: So can we run the boob story?

    1: Do what you want. I- I need to lie down.

  2. The only “adult” producers that would approach that blob of flesh have to be in the “granny porn” market.

  3. Why is the media so concerned with a women’s breasts?

    Just returned from Cozumel,Mexico, and we encountered many topless women. My sixteen year old son Nathan and I had no problem with all the bare women.


  4. The irony is how the news coverage so totally supports Dr. Blaine’s contentions regarding America’s insanity over skin.

  5. Well, great, she’s proud of a couple of deflated water balloons. If Cary Berglund thinks this is a worthy story, Cary Berglund needs to get re-acquainted with his audience and some basic journalism.

  6. I don’t know what’s worse: her deflated water baloons or the idea of Cary Berglund knockers. It’s enough to make me a butt man.

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