More Than Transportation Weekend

Anyone looking to get into their local bike-cult activities should check out the BikeBoom web calendar. It lists almost all the bike community events, from Ridazz and Critical Masses to parties and workshops. And there is a lot of stuff happening this weekend, as part of a More than Transportation celebration. Check it out – you may find a new way to love your bike even more, or a new group to share that love with.

And I’m planning to get back on the MIDNITE RIDAZZ circuit tomorrow! The theme this month is the Twin Ride. Dress up in pairs, dress like your bike, ride a tandem, have twice as much fun. Interpret it as you want, just be there. You know you don’t want to miss the fun.

Oh, and unrelated to bikes: CODEPINK is handing out flowers and Mothers Day messages on the Santa Monica promenade on Sunday afternoon. We’ll be at Arizona and the Promenade from 2pm – 4pm. Come by, say hi, get a flower, write a letter to the First Mom, Laura Bush. Ride your bike down to Santa Monica, and fight high gas prices AND the war at the same time. More than transportation, indeed.

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  1. Bike boom is a great site! Thanks, I’ve looking for something like this.

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