LAPD Blog is live!

144092079_2acf24184d_m.jpgBack in February I posted an open letter to the LAPD (and LASD) asking them to please start blogging. I pointed out the fantastic LAFD blog and offered to help them start blogging anyway I could. I also e-mailed the post to everyone I could thinking of who might be able to show it to the right person at the LAPD. Shortly there after I was contacted by Srgt. Luis Segura who said they were interested in taking me up on the offer. A few e-mails and phone calls later I went downtown and met Lt. Ruben De La Torre who had been tasked with actually getting a blog in motion and have been helping him out as much as I could since then. This morning he called and said they would be launching the site tomorrow. I just checked, and it’s all live, so I figure I’d pass it along at this point. So, as of today, the LAPD has a blog which can be found at And a Flickr stream. Both of these are brand new and I’m sure will start to take shape over the next few weeks, but if I were you I’d subscribe the RSS feeds of both. And add them to your blog roll. And give them a big welcome to our blog world. I’m really excited about this, and think it’s going go a long way for the people in LA and how they view, interact with, and think about the LAPD. It’s a huge step they are taking, and with any luck other law enforcement departments across the state, and country, will soon be following their lead.

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  1. Sean BOnner has just earned himself a meritorious Ambassador of goodwill award from the Downtown Los Angeles Town Crier.

    For his role in bringing the LAPD to the public which may eventually bring forth understanding in the Los Angeles Community
    Communication is important.

    Thanks Sean Bonner

  2. It looks like the LAPD blog has begun to moderate already.

    They removed my link to my website I posted and they won’t allow posts unless they approve them first.

    SO much for the openness.

    I just posted a reply aboit skid row, let’s see if it gets posted.

  3. The post about skid row was posted . The moderation is way too slow at LAPD blog.

    It stinks when they moderate slowly.

    I would like to see if more people against the LAPD will be allowed to post.

    I will spread word here in Cnetral City East and see if folks against the Sleeping on the sidewalk and lying on the streets ordinance will be allowed to be posted on the blog

  4. Sean:

    Congrats are certainly in order to you personally for getting the ball rolling. I’m hopeful that many of the b/la regulars will not only visit and participate at the site, but will give Lt. De La Torre and his colleagues a chance to come up to speed. As I harken back to our earliest days with the LAFD blog, I remember how overwhelming it all seemed, and how I had to remind myself and others that it is always a work in progress.


  5. this may sound like a dumb question, but why did you press the LAPD to create a blog? Why is it important?



  6. exactly, i’m not really one that would want to read the lapd’s blog. but i’m just curious to know why the lapd thinks they should publish a blog. is it a publicity stunt?

  7. Because of anyone the LAPD reallly needs more transparency. Read the original post I made about it, I think I explained it pretty clearly there.

  8. Congrats and nice work! I think this is a bridge of communication that will help both the LAPD and the citizens it serves. Don’t let the naysayers tell you otherwise.

  9. If they really want to become transparent and ‘join the conversation’, they need to put each arrest up on YouTube.

    And after that how about a Google maps mashup updating crimes in realtime?

    Still a good start.

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