Babe in Brooklyn? Barry in Blue?

Couple of years ago, I posted a story here showing off a cool picture of Babe Ruth in a Brooklyn Dodgers uniform. He was a first base coach for the team in 1938, after his playing days were done.

Stainback, Hasset, Cuyler, and Ruth On Flickr just now, a poster uploaded another cool pic from that era, showing the Babe clowning around with outfielders Tuck Stainback, Buddy Hassett, and Kiki Cuyler.

Now, that brings up a pretty cool thing to ponder — what would life had been like for the Dodgers if the Babe had wound up playing in Brooklyn rather than the Bronx?

Asking the question right now is not strictly academic — after all, the infamous Barry Bonds might just reach Ruth’s 714 home run record later this weekend against the Dodgers, in San Francisco.

Which brings up another question — how might recent Dodger history have been different if Bonds had left the Pirates to become a Dodger, instead of a Giant? Might his *own* history been different here in LA?

And again, this is not entirely idle speculation. It almost happened.

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  1. I don’t know — Coco Crisp, Trot Nixon, and of course Nomar Garciaparra are pretty cool names. ;D Not to mention:

    * Wiki Gonzalez
    * Bartolome Fortunato
    * J.J. Putz

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