Day Of The Locust

So there’s this bright big glowy thing way up in the sky that seems to have burned off all that beloved heinous grayness that been blanketing L.A. since forever, and under this newfound ultraviolet illumination look what I found out in the yard trying to get a little exoskele-tan while it can (clickify to biggificate):

Day Of The Locust II

5 thoughts on “Day Of The Locust”

  1. Oh wait, I guess the link does work.

    Yeah, I know what I’m doing… eventually.

  2. Uh Ruth… this guy was probably close to four inches in length and a locust by definition is nothing more than a large damn grasshopper.

    What you consider a locust is also known as the “seventeen year locust” and that’s a cicada which is definitely not a grasshopper.

  3. I thought the same thing, Ruth — that’s the only kind of locust I’d ever seen, and they’d leave their shells everywhere in the grass when they’d molt (ew!). Learn something new every day — thanks, Will! :)

  4. Gleeps – whatever he is I’m glad as hell he’s not at MY house, eating up my garden!

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