Obey Your Master

Your CLOG Master!

This is just a small sampling of all the different colors and styles of clogs I have had CUSTOM MADE (at no extra charge) by the good folks at Clogmaster on La Cienega (between Beverly and Melrose). The purple ones have a snakeskin pattern!

Don’t let their underwhelming website fool you: Ceceila has been clogging it up with chefs, doctors, rock stars and just plain folks for more than 27 years.

They feature a wide selection of sandals and classic ready-to-wears for walk-in gratification, but by all means have them make whatever style you like in whatever color and kind of leather you want. Have them punch out a pattern, or even paint something on the shoes. They will measure your feet to see which base style is best for you and then you’re free to design the whole shoe.

Go crazy!

440 ¬Ω N. La Cienega Blvd.
(between Beverly Blvd. and Melrose Ave. on the east side of the street)
Los Angeles, California 90048
Tel: (310) 657-8083

Store Hours
Monday-Friday – 11AM-7PM
Saturday – 11AM-6PM
Sunday – Closed

4 thoughts on “Obey Your Master”

  1. OMG!!! I totally thought I was the only clog freak on b.la!!!

    I only have two pair (so far) and they are waaaay boring compared to yourn (black and brown), so it’s better that you posted.

    But I have been itching for another pair, so…


  2. Clogs are orthopedic and offer genuine support. They are fitted to your feet and can actually improve foot, knee, and back problems, and make jobs where you are on your feet for long periods actually bearable.

    Crocs are brightly colored pieces of foamy plastic that you can hose off after work in the garden.


  3. Guess again. Crocs are extremely popular with doctors and nurses because they conform to and support your your feet, are exhaustion-proof, and can be autoclaved for sterility. I’ve worn clogs and found them to be seriously uncomfortable for me. I wear custom orthotics in all of my shows — EXCEPT my Crocs. My feet never tire in the Crocs, and my podiatrist highly recommends them. Do your research before you dismiss something out of hand.

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