Clash of the Tetris! Tonight!


Party Scammers is at it again. This time at the Little Temple tonight, Tuesday May 9th with CLASH OF THE TETRIS RETURNS! For those unfamiliar with the craziness that is Party Scammers events, this one is all about Tetris. Head to head battle to the death, who has more lines, holy crap video games Tetris. One of my friends has been holding down the championship for some time now, but I think you should come out and beat him. Kid is getting a little cocky. The event is hosted by Ryan Flynn, who is hilarious. Seriously. This time around there will also be live music from 11hz Robot, Dolphinforce, and DJ Chachin. $7 / 21+ /9pm-2am blah blah. Be there.

Also, get practicing because another round of Lip-Synch Big Stink is coming up on May 27th. If you want to put together a team there is still time to rehearse your totally badass lip-synch routine and crush the competition. I have to admit I’ve won a few lip-synch competitions in my day (okay, in high school) if you need someone to come out of retirement and whip you into shape. . .

2 thoughts on “Clash of the Tetris! Tonight!”

  1. Oh man I love Tetris. This is still my long standing favorite video game. I can do without all the “shoot-em-up” games…just bring on the Tetris…well, that and Dr. Mario. woohoo!

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