Death on Wheels

wumpstar_small.gifThis evening, pack your Emily lunchpail and head on over to the World on Wheels roller rink for “LA’s only Goth Industrial skating party” known as “Wump Skate”. You heard right: Goths on rollerskates.

Tonite’s theme is a “Master and Servant Skate”.

Jessica Stover attended last month’s event:

There was a chick-couple who doused themselves in fake-blood (a little inconsiderate if you ask me – that shit was sticky and got everywhere) and there was a person wearing a huge white nightgown and white wig who skated around while clutching a teddy bear. We later discovered that it was a male. (The person, not the bear.) Not to mention the girl skating around in a straight jacket (she sucked) or the Goth with the fairy wings (sweet).

We skated five bajillion miles, said “like” too much to be for reals dark side, played air hockey and complained about the music, which was less NIN (as promised) and more techno-song-you-have-never-heard-before-and-never-want-to-hear-again.

I’m only writing about this because I want it to be known far and wide that I could totally work at Hot Topic.

at World On Wheels
4645 1/2 Venice Blvd.
9pm – 1am

$6 ticket also includes skate rental.

4 thoughts on “Death on Wheels”

  1. meh. most of those techno songs, I’m a big fan of. but wumpskate is a good time for all who can, unlike me, roller skate. i’d totally be there if i could get around the rink without mishap.

  2. That’s so fascinatingly bizarre. You wouldn’t think dreary Goth and carefree rollerskating would go hand in hand.

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