Revive in LA

I just landed back in LA after a whopping, looooong four weeks working on location. Boy did I miss this place!!! I tend to burn the candle at both ends when I’m away, so returning home, I’m always in need of massive rejuvenation. I was casting about, trying to jump-start my energy so I decided to check out a yoga class at Golden Bridge in Hollywood. The only thing available was an express hatha yoga, a class designed to give you an hour quick hit and have you on your way. Seemed wimpy for this yoga goddess. Much to my jaded surprise it was fantastic! Taught by Elizabeth McMillan, it was just enough to get me going again. Strong, yet gentle, I felt like I was back in the saddle, and more importantly, back in Los Angeles. Afterwards, I had a massage in their Amrit Davaa Wellness Center with Sara, who really knew how to take charge. I left feeling like I was a new woman!
It’s great to go to a place that is so one-stop-shopping, when it comes to mind, body, spirit. They’ve also got a cool vegetarian cafe that rocks. I’ve always enjoyed my experiences at this place and now that they have massages, it’s icing on the cake!